The dating app for Humans.

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Make Knections with

Humans near you...

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...or across the world from you!

Knections is for everybody!


See what they're into and find shared interests.

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Get right to chatting!


Get right to Knecting!

Find who you're

looking for.

Knections is made for everyone in mind. All genders and sexualities are welcomed here.

Explore Your Grid with filters for age, gender, height, weight, ethnicity, and shared Knection Points.

Stop waiting for the right swipe. Get right to Knecting with who you want!

Keep your convos to yourself.

Our signature Kabooming Chats allow you to erase your chat history from both you and your recipient's phone.

Your messages are your messages, and you are in control of the conversation.

For additional safety, we've included blocking and reporting functionality.

No data, no problem.

We value you as a Human, and not a User. Those other apps? Maybe not so much.


They require your personal information to login, charge you high monthly subscriptions totaling up to $700 annually, and sell your data to advertisers.

To them, you're just another user. With Knections, you're a Human.

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What kind of Knections

will you make?


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